Beavercreek Soccer Association


 Fall 2016 Schedules (Coming Mid Aug)

(Click on the link below and the schedule will open up in a new window.)

League Grades Schedule (Click to Open)
Pre-K   Pre-Kindergarten (coed) Fall 2016 Pre-K Division Schedule 
K Kindergarten (coed) Fall 2016 K-Division Schedule
A 1st grade (coed) Fall 2016 A-Division Schedule
B2 2nd grade (coed) Fall 2016 B2-Division Schedule
 B3 3rd grade (coed) Fall 2016 B3 Division Schedule
C 4th and 5th grades (coed) Fall 2016 C-Division Schedule
D 6th and 7th grades (coed) Fall 2016 D-Division Schedule
E 1st grade (girls only) Fall 2016 E-Division Schedule
F 2nd and 3rd grades (girls only) Fall 2016 F-Division Schedule
G 4th-5th grades (girls only) Fall 2016 G-Division Schedule
H 6th-8th grades (girls only) Fall 2016 H Division Schedule
J1 8th-9th grade (coed) Spring 2016 J1-Division Schedu
J2 High School Coed (10th-12th grades) Spring 2016 J2-Division Schedule



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